Fashion School: Indoor Recess

It's another apocalyptic weather day here in Scotland. I actually ran full-tilt for nearly a mile down my coastal road in a pair of garden wellies today, looking over my shoulder, excited dog in tow...trying to outrun the threatening white squall that I could see coming at us from down the sound. That's a Scottish workout if there ever was one. So today, we will be having playtime indoors once again.

Though I dabble in showing you what I'm up to from an experimental point of view, I don't really like to post "how-to" types of posts on this, my personal blog. I am of the belief that sometimes, we should all just forego the lesson and enjoy ourselves a bit more.

That said, I do provide a lot of freelance content for other outlets. One such outlet specialises in the How To. With their encouragement, I am sharing this content, in the hopes that perhaps you might just find some of this advice helpful, interesting, or at the very least, entertaining.  Below you will find a catalog of fashion tips; fashion school rules according to Moi.  You are invited to tweet, share, pin, and comment freely on this content.


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