I know, I know. Those of us who live in northern climes right now have lost the will to live after looking at that photo. That's Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, by the way. Not recently.



A few weeks ago, the venerable Alicia from Spashionista nominated me for a blogger award called the Sunshine Award. I was in the midst of travelling and crazy work patterns and was unable to respond in the moment, but promised I would in due course. So....get ready. Here it comes.

The rules of engagement for the Sunshine Award are that one must acknowledge the nominating blogger (check), share eleven random facts about myself (gulp),  nominate another eleven bloggers, who may (or may not) wish to carry the torch. I will also state here, as Alicia did, that I know many of you don't "do awards", so if you find yourself on the list of nominees, consider it a shout-out. I tried to pick blogs that have not yet been mentioned, as we all do seem to belong to the same bloggy peer group...right. Let's begin.

Eleven Things You Probably Didn't Know (and In a Moment May Wish You Didn't Know) About Me

1. I used to make my living as a professional saxophonist.
2. I was in the U.S. Air Force and the Washington State Air National a saxophonist.
3. I worked as an on-board member of staff for a major cruise line.
4. I appeared in a Lifetime TV movie called "An Upstanding Citizen", about a suburban mom hit and
    run driver. My very insignificant part ended up on the cutting room floor, although you can catch a
    fleeting glimpse of me as an extra in the party scene.
5. I once drove 34 hours from Seattle to Cheyenne, Wyoming and back in three days to adopt a dog.
6. I am vegan.
7. I met my husband at a wedding in Scotland while I was still in graduate school in NY. I was a
    bridesmaid and he was the best man.
8. I have a BA in English literature and a master's degree as a nurse practitioner. Whoopdee-doo.
9. I have dropped more cell phones and pagers into the toilet than should be humanly possible.
10. For a 41 year old, I have an unusual affinity for any kind of zombie fiction.
11.When I get home from work, I give my dog my smelly work socks to play with. He seems to
     enjoy them.

 A Shout-Out (or Nomination, If You Will) to Eleven of the Many Bloggers That I Enjoy

1. Bourbon and Pearls
2. Birdy Begins
3. The Class Factotum Speaks
4. Small Stories
5. PopCosmo
6. Pretty Cripple
7. Fifi Lapin
8. Mis Papelicos
9. Fashion for Giants
10. Grunge Queen
11. Mrs. Jack of All Trades


  1. Lovely to get to know you better, Kristin! A saxophonist, I never knew it.

  2. These awards go around the blogosphere like chain letters, don't they? That said, it was fun to get to know you a little better. Thanks for sharing. Do you still play your sax?

  3. I loved learning more about you.

    So interesting to hear you met your husband at a wedding.


  4. Wow and wow to numbers one and two, how interesting and unusual!
    Do you have the sun today? I have my happy hat on because of that rare blue sky.
    Thanks so much for the nomination, will try to unearth anything vaguely interesting about myself!

  5. Hi Kristen, thanks for posting my blog link and that you appreciate my blog so much you nominated me. That was very kind of you. Cheers. Magdalena

  6. What an honour to be nominated and also included in such a varied list of bloggers - thanks for introducing them to me, Kristin. Also, neat deets about yourself. (Fellow English Lit graduate too). I love that you drove across the country to adopt a dog. If I could drive, it's something I would do, except it would be a cat. :) xo

  7. Thank you thank you for the shout out!! I loved reading these facts about you... It's fun to find out the life of the blogger before the blog happened! And what a cut story about the bridesmaid and best man- I bet yours was a seriously fun wedding of friends & family since everyone probably knew mostly everyone already?
    Big xoxo, kim

  8. Thank you for the shout out and for the 7 facts I didn't know about you! (well, I know 1,2,3, and 6 so that make 7 unknown facts!) Hope you had a good vacation :)

  9. Ooh, me, me! First time ever being nominated for something like that, thanks! Will post soon...


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