Tan Textures

This is not a picture that screams spring, is it? If there is one thing about Scotland that holds true, it's that it Never. Stops. Raining.  It's still pretty cold here right now, and the ground feels like walking on top of a really old sponge from the kitchen sink that you should have thrown out ages ago. I had big plans for today that included plants and topsoil and garden stuff.  Sigh.

I decided to combat my frustration with some texture and snuggly fabrics. Now that I've decided that I can wear beige after all, I appear to be unstoppable.

Rachel Zoe faux fur gilet / Seven jeans / Mink merino sweater jacket with hood (old), similar / ASOS booties (sold out), similar /  thrifted sunglasses, similar / LucĂ© leather hobo bag (old), similar

Make it Happen. 


  1. Love the faux fur, and the whole layered look, Kristin. May the sun shine on you today : >

  2. Oh my goodness, that hooded sweater jacket is amazing! I love it layered under the fur.

    I'm sorry about the rain; it's been raining here in Oregon for days as well. I think we're finally getting some sunshine today though. Hopefully you will too!

  3. I have the same Rachel Zoe vest in fake mink. I really love wearing it, but have I been able to wear it this "winter"? No, because it's been too warm in the San Francisco Bay Area! I'd enjoy some of your rain at the moment...


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