The Middle Aged Crop Top

I know. I said I wouldn't. In fact, I said I would never. But there is something compelling about channeling my 90s self that I have a hard time walking away from.

I was out and about in the city the other day, and decided to indulge my fancy in trying some of the more trendy high street offerings for Spring 2014. Perhaps it is my curious nature, or more likely my resistance failure to grow up. Like just about everyone else I know, I completely eschewed the new, won't-go-away flock of cropped tops, citing the fact that I was around for the first permutation of the cropped top and jean arrangement, and therefore to resurrect it would be desperate and creepy.

But here's the thing. I still kind of really like the look. I know....I know.

When I saw this tropical print, I was drawn to it. Partially, because it reminded me of the Herm├ęs Spring 2014 collection, and perhaps partially because it simply reminded me of something I have worn before. But can I go there again? Can any of us ever really go there again....back to the intersection of Can Vs. Should?

Meh. Why the hell not?

Granted, I didn't purchase this particular top. Like so many other high street pieces, I felt the fabric let it down. But a seed has been planted. A seed that will probably be paired with a pair of higher-waisted full trousers, as opposed to these skinny jeans (to keep it looking modern), but still. Screw it. I'm going there. Again. The difference is this time, the "crop" is more of a theoretical concept. A nod to short-hemmed, voluminous boxiness, as opposed to navel-baring, ab-revealing croppedness. The idea this time around is that there will simply be a bit of a gap between waistband and shirt know, longing for each other, yet barely touching. Kind of like Sir Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson in Remains of the Day. They need each other, yet never the two shall meet. At least, not in that way.  Nobody's getting tucked in, that's for sure.

This time, it will be more like this. Again, this specimen also let me down in the fabric department, but lengthwise, it is a good example.

Mind the gap. 


  1. Love the plaid on this top, Kristin. Plaid for Spring, why not? You look fab.

  2. They're cute tops and look great on you. I know what you mean about disappointing fabric, but now that you know what you're looking for, I'm sure you'll find some that work for you.

  3. You've definitely got the figure for the look. I say go for it.

  4. Love your blog, Kristin. And girl you, you totally pull off the crop top. Work it! :)

  5. Of course you can still wear crop tops! Both tops look fab on you. I have very fond memories of 90s crop tops too, mine used to be UBER short and revealing. I'd be up for wearing one if it it weren't for the pregnant belly getting in the way!

  6. "No one's getting tucked in" A HA HA HA HA HA ha aha ha!!! That just makes me think of Anthony Hopkins coming around to Emma Thompson with some hot cocoa . . . and other steamy ideas. And yes, you could totally pull off a crop top.


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