Ye Olde Travel Outfit

The default uniform has struck again. This is me early (very early) Weds morning about to get on my flight from Glasgow to Minneapolis. I know you can barely see, but I was not able to linger, fuss with the lighting, etc. Especially in the airport toilets, I mean, come on, right?

Anyway, this should be a configuration that is becoming familiar to you by now: Loose top, skinnies, boots, cropped jacket...yep. It's the Scottish Uniform, last seen here, and before that here, and originally coined thusly here.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have some serious thrifting to do. Which reminds me...just when I thought I was making headway convincing my British and European friends and acquaintances that all Americans are not hard line right-wingers, sitting at home cleaning their automatic weaponry before Sunday dinner (praise the Lord and pass the ammo...), I saw this sign on the door of my favorite local thrift haunt.


Never mind that.  Back to The Uniform. 


  1. Sue got me dressing in that uniform for today's post! It has its good bits, I'll have to admit.

  2. That sign! I have the chills.

  3. There's a good reason it's a uniform...practical, comfortable and looks great on you!

  4. No ski masks… right up there with firearms :) Made me smile! And I guess I'd fit right in in Scotland with the travel uniform - it's just so easy and fits in perfectly in any winter weather! Have a wonderful trip and happy thrifting!
    xo ~kim (and chloe)

  5. Great outfit. I love the taupe leather jacket, sandals and pencil skirt you had posted too! Where on the west coast of Scotland do you live?? Skye (where the Nicholson part of my family is from....)?

  6. Ha!!!! I saw the same thing over and over again posted on restaurant doors when I was back last November (Oklahoma). Of course, being Oklahoma I can kind of see it, but Minneapolis too? Hmmm...guess Europe ain't so mad, huh? Viva la France! or huh, Scotland in your case.


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