$4 Tunic Dress...With Pockets

Another of my thrift spoils from my recent trip back home to the U.S. I found this piece in with the dresses, and immediately saw it working as a empire-waisted tunic over jeans, as I am wearing it here. I do believe it would actually make a lovely dress as well (in fact it is likely actually a dress), but on my 5'10" frame, this would likely be more gynaecological than chic. Not to put too fine a point on it.

My love for tunics is by now, well documented. This one spoke to me immediately because it has these rectangular crystals on the trim of the zipper, shoulders, and pockets that is heavily reminiscent of the Valentio Rockstud shoes and accessories which are out in force right now, and in my opinion, highly covetable (let's hope this four dollar tunic scratches that itch once and for all).

I paired this tunic with my fifteen dollar booties (same trip, different thrift shop), a pair of workhorse skinnies, and minimal accessories as to not compete with tunic's inherent bling. And best of all? Pockets.  It has pockets. Ladies, we LOVE pockets in everything from dresses to tunics and beyond, do we not? It is a mystery to me why more manufacturers do not put pockets in everything. If there were pockets in my underpants, I would totally find a use for them. So clothing designers and manufacturers, hear this. Give us pockets, or give us death. Sure, I am prone to fits of exaggeration, but on this point, I am unwavering in my resolve.

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  1. Nice outfit! Definitely more a tunic than dress... stunning backdrop for your photos too - are you having some slightly nicer weather up north? It's cold and drizzly down here. :(

    1. We are having what I would describe as sunny spring weather punctuated by bouts of blustery rain showers. Sometimes both at the same time. Which in Scotland, I guess you could just call Sunday.

  2. AMEN to more pockets... I am constantly looking for clothes with them. And that view! Seriously jealous!!

  3. You would never know it was $4...looks so stylish and off a designer rack...love the shoes as well. Good Job!!

  4. Wow, you are a talented shopper, Kristin, so many beauties! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  5. Kristin, you are an amazing shopper!! I am growing out my grey hair and found your log and am just awestruck at your style!!!

  6. Really ... this dress (tunic?) is all THAT with your fabulous tall person in it ! The booties were made to go with it. Clearly, you are about to get into the best kind of touble in that outfit! Enjoy.

  7. Those shoes are great! Love your whole look. Thanks for stopping by EPWL :)


  8. I'm with you on the pockets! The dress in my last post has them too. This tunic looks fab on you, great find.

    blue hue wonderland

  9. Perfection: head to peep toe!! I'd wear every single piece of this outfit, but unfortunately wouldn't look as stunning as you. That tunic does wonders for you, but would easily have people asking me "when are you due"? And yep, those details are very Valentino-ish, for a good deal less!!! Excellent finds!
    xo ~kim (and chloe)

  10. Not one, but two laugh out louds! Thanks Kristin! This tunic and skinny combo is a lovely silhouette...long and lean. I think the crystals are cool too, but it's really the front zipper that has me saying WOW! Not a detail I've seen on tunics, and I always like a bit of the unique!

  11. I can't believe your luck/skill at thrifting! The dress is just gorgeous (and on me it would be a midi) and those shoes are to die for at any price. I bow to your prowess ;-)


  12. I cannot get over the gorgeous boots, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Love every single shot.

  13. You had me at pockets in underwear!

    Love the whole outfit...especially the booties.



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