A Brief Interval for an Interview

Gawd, is that a pretentious title for a post or what!? A Brief Interval....sorry about that. I think I got carried away with the alliteration and forgot myself for a moment.

No matter. This week, Sylvia over at 40+ Style was very kind to interview me and run it on her blog. The subject matter? Finding your personal style. You can read the full interview here.

             Or here.

                                 Or even over here

And while we're at it, as embarrassing as this is, I feel I must add that in the interview, I state that I am 41 years old. That, my good readers, is a bald faced lie. I am 42. When I gave the interview, I actually believed that I was 41 years old. In fact, I went the better part of last year believing I was 41 when I was 42. I blame being on an overnight shift on my birthday as the reason for my lapse, but regardless of the root cause, the simple truth is that I forgot my own age. I am officially on the slippery slope, and I'm wearing a pair of five-inch banana peel wedges. One stiff wind (or stiff drink, more likely), and I'm off the precipice for good. 


  1. LOL! I've done that. For a whole year when I was 36 I thought I was 35. It wasn't until my Mother pointed out to me that in fact I was a whole year older that I realized my mistake. I have a feeling the older I get the more this is going to happen. It really sucked that year on my birthday because it was like I'd aged 2 years at once instead of only one.

    Loved the interview BTW : )


  2. Here's a website you might be interested in, if you have not already seen it. What real people wear when they dress up to go to the Metropolitan Opera. http://lastnightatthemet.com/


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