Fashion Imitates Life Imitates Art

This week, the internet was particularly generous to those of us with vivid imaginations. Here are my picks from the cast list of this week's top-billed players... 

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard as Spy Vs. Spy

An ASOS Leg Harness  as  Lara Croft

Rita Ora as Captain America

Rumer Willis in her first supporting role *rimshot* as a hernia truss

Tom Hiddleston as Edgar Allan Poe

Mariah Carey as Jessica Rabbit


  1. Brilliant! And I find Tom H. irresistible, no matter the costume. xo

    1. Patti, I do as well. I have always been a huge fan of his acting talent, but it was when I happened to see a clip of him discussing "delayed gratification" with Cookie Monster on TV that bumped it up a notch.

    2. I am you-tubing that tonight!

    3. You must, if you're a fan. But I warn you, it will send you right down the rabbit hole. Kids, go get your mommies.....uncle Tom is on with cookie monster talking about delayed gratification.....

    4. going down the rabbit sounds good with delayed gratification-paul

  2. Woah, there are some illjudged things being worn in public there! Rumer's pink knicker flash is the worst, if you ask me. Still, I guess she wants to get attention however she can. Rita Ora's zip down pants (trousers for the British) are also pretty fuggly, but she is known for her cartoonish style.

    I used to be a massive Johnny Depp fan, but am officially off him after his increasingly crap movies and increasingly awful public appearences. That hat with holes in it is just Not The Go!


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