Lighten Up

I'm very pleased to announce that today, I was able to ponce-about in this outfit, and I wasn't even cold. Not once. The sun is out and the time for lighter-weight attire is nigh. While I suppose there will be those of you reading this from say, up to 30 degrees longitude either side of the equator, likely thinking so what, this is a big deal for us up here in the Highlands. We rejoice when the time of year comes where the gale force winds calm down a relatively balmy 7 or 8 on the Beaufort Scale, so this is practically nirvana. So what indeed.

I wanted something slouchy and tomboyish today because,'s me, but I also wanted it to be pulled-together enough to make it socially acceptable to run around in. I keep seeing photos online of people pairing shorts with heels, but for me, I have a hard time making this work. I think because I have quite an athletic frame, when I add girly pumps with my shorts,  I feel like I'm just one bad blue eyeshadow job away from looking like an overgrown kid who is trying on her mother's shoes and makeup with her play clothes. That said, I can usually manage to make a pair of slightly edgier, heeled sandals work with shorts. Probably because they are less delicate. Whatever the reason,  they seemed to work today, so let's just go with it, shall we?

Thrifted Gap sweater, similar / thrifted Marks & Spencer blouse, similar / Forever 21 eyelet shorts (old), similar / Dune sandals (old), similar

Lighten Up!


  1. love this look - the color, the shorts (fab legs!) and the shoes. Looks like spring. xox

  2. Lucky you! We are still freezing here : ( Spring might show up in the middle of summer this year.

    Love the sandals!


  3. I wish you'd describe your workouts. What do you do to get legs like that (besides good genes)? You are one fit fashionista. Great blog, too!

  4. Gorgeous. Great legs too, always a bonus when they're lovely and brown, you just wouldn't look the same if they were the colour of milk like mine...! x

  5. I think you pull the look off well and particularly like the bold blue with the neon yellow/green jumper. As for the heels I think again they work really well for you in shorts. You've got great legs so show them off!

  6. I was just reading your first blog post about going grey, and wondering what you'd look like now.... your hair looks amazing!


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