My Awesome Funky Giftwrap LBD

I got this Thakoon silk dress a few years ago.  In a massive departure from my usual approach to seeking sartorial goodies, it was not on sale, thrifted, Ebayed, or arrived upon in any other treasure-hunted, bargain friendly way. I ordered it right from the design house after seeing it online, so great was my need to have this dress. It is probably my favourite thing in my closet, I love it so. And yes, it needs to be steamed, but not as much as you might think. That sort of draped, gift wrapped appearance is actually on purpose.

I love that it looks like that one awkwardly-shaped Christmas package that you just have to sort of drape the wrapping paper around (It's a bread machine! No, automatic pancake maker!) The wrapping paper just happens to be silk taffeta in this instance.

I think it spoke to me so much because it seems to be a kind of a juxtaposition of something that is a bit undone made up in a fancy-schmancy fabrication and using some pretty slick dressmaking techniques.

It's super fun to wear. Super. Fun. A little red lipstick is all that is required, as the dress has such funky lines, I don't bother accessorising a lot. And you know what else? The really, really great thing? Backless butt bow!

I have been waiting my entire life to have the occasion to write the words backless butt bow in print, and that moment has finally arrived. Where to go from here? I feel a bit lost, actually.

Thakoon silk plunge dress (no longer available), similar / Stuart Weitzman shoes

Baby Got Back. And Bow. 


  1. That dress is gorgeous and it looks amazing on you!

  2. This is an amazing dress that looks great on you!! The red lips and that's it is perfect. Love it with your simply pulled back hair. You are making me smile and giving me courage at the same time. I have a beautiful coat, yes with a butt bow. It's cool like yours, almost Asian inspired. I too don't wear it often but I appreciate it's design. I like how your has an asymmetrical placement, really stylish.

    blue hue wonderland

  3. Beautiful! I love the lines of this dress and you look fantastic.

  4. You are the only one I've ever seen use backless butt bow in a sentence AND wear it. Bravo!

    Your man must like the whole idea of "unwrapping" ; )

    You look smashing and the red lip is perfect.


  5. That dress is amazing on you! I absolutely love the backless butt bow and your lipstick color is perfect!

  6. Awesome dress! I love the sculptural look of it.

  7. Very flattering, this is a remarkable work of art, certainly an investment piece. You wear it very well!

  8. What a stunning dress! LBD and red lips are all you need to look so classic and classy!

  9. That is one sassy dress! I do hope you wear it lots 'cos it looks great. How does it look with things over it i.e. a jacket, cardigan etc?

    1. I usually pair it with a cropped jacket if I wear one at all, but really, if I'm wearing this, the jacket is off before I exit the car. Some things just should not be kept under wraps...literally.


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