The Fifteen Dollar Shoes

Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, I present to you exhibit A: One pair of Donald J. Pliner leather peep toe booties that I found at a Minneapolis thrift store for....wait for it....$15. Never been worn. Yup. These could have easily been sold for three times that, and I still probably would have considered buying them, such is their awesomeness.

Do I need another pair of high-heeled black booties? Absolutely not. But come on. Fifteen bucks. Total no-brainer.

The quality of the leather is amazing, and I love that they have this roomy, louche, drapey sort of effect across the instep. The gods of thrift have smiled upon me once again.

Now that I'm back from the States, stay tuned as I sift through my thrift spoils and bring you some new-fangled looks. Until then, let's ruminate on how we should style these babies, yes?

Shake your booties and make it a look. 


  1. OMG, score!! Those are fabulous.

  2. Ooh nice - those are very rock chick! I see them rocking up a ladylike look i.e. a tweed boucle pencil skirt.

  3. verrrry nice! I have a pair of D. Pliner boots (thrifted!) and they are great.

  4. Thrifting is mighty good here in MPLS and you found some beauties! The leather chain is just fabulous.

    blue hue wonderland

  5. Seriously those are fabulous!
    Great score for a well crafted shoe too

  6. Suspect the folks in Minneapolis wondered why on earth someone designed a boot with open toes (60+ inches of snow this winter). Thrift store probably would have allowed you to negotiate the price down.

  7. Obviously they'd work with skinny jeans, but I think they'd also go with a pencil skirt of any length down to mid-calf. They're crazy and therefore fun. Don't you just love it when you find amazing stuff at thrift stores?

  8. Killer score! Hope to see them Tuesday for Shoe Shine

  9. These booties are amazing. I would have bought them if they had been 10 times the price you paid (but I am spoiled rotten, I will admit that). Looking great. As for styling... I cannot help you there. Not too good at styling. Especially not with shoes.


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