The Ross Effect: My Wednesday Afternoon With Smile Brilliant

I'll admit, when I first agreed to trial one of Smile Brilliant's at home tooth whitening systems, I did so with more than a moment's hesitation. I have always been a bit wary when it comes to anything procedural that I perceive (true or otherwise) might have an immediate and deleterious cosmetic effect. Okay, full disclosure -  I was thinking particularly of that episode of Friends where Ross gets his teeth whitened.

I have never felt much of a need to whiten my teeth before, having never put so much as a drugstore whitening strip into my gob; this was to be uncharted territory indeed. Despite aforementioned hesitation, my desire to do just about anything for the sake of comedy won out, as it always does.

I'll admit here to being impressed with the Smile Brilliant website. It's easy to navigate, informative, and there are many different permutations of their products, designed to suit your particular lifestyle needs. I selected the LED teeth whitening pen, which promised to be both the easiest to manage (and potentially most hilarious) option.

Here is my photojournalistic documentation of my trial with Smile Brilliant. For more information and/or frequently asked questions about Smile Brilliant, you can visit their website by clicking here.

And after 30 minutes...

This product works. I only left the product on for the minimum time (as to avoid the Ross Effect), and I noticed a difference (albeit subtle) with one application. According to the directions, I should have six more applications available to me with the one pen. That's a really good deal for $39.95.

Interested in giving this one a go? Here is my advice:
  • Start "low and slow" at first and leave it on longer with subsequent applications. The directions say that if you have sensitive teeth, you should not exceed 120 minutes, and I'm inclined to believe them.
  • Place yourself in a comedy-free zone while you have the LED tray in your mouth. Communication is difficult, and laughter is damn near impossible. Insist on your husband not referring to you as "Ross" the whole time. 
  • Don't really put it on your cat. Or any other animal. (cats like to whiten with baking soda)
Bottom line - does this product work? Yes. Would I use it again and recommend it? Yep...yes I would. 


  1. You really make me laugh. That's a good thing. And the product sounds great - the Crest White Strips I used for my wedding take 30 days!

  2. I'm impressed...looks like really works. White teeth keep us looking our youthful best! Thanks for the introduction!

  3. Oh, that episode (and the spray tan booth one, followed closely by the leather pants one) still cracks me up. Don't take this the wrong way, cos it's a compliment, but this is the first sponsored post I've truly enjoyed. Humour goes a long way! I've never seen a teeth-whitening system like that. Looks way less messy than the conventional gels or strips. But then you have to sit around holding this thing hanging out if your mouth. Not that the other methods are any more dignified. :)

  4. Never watched Friends but I can imagine what you mean ;-) Your review is great and it obviously does work! I will look into it, thank you, Kristin.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  5. I am impressed! I remember that episode of Friends :)

  6. AHAHAHA Ross effect!! =) I will have to look into this! Thanks.

  7. AHAHAHA Ross Effect! Love it! I will have to look into this. Thank you

  8. Thanks for the demo and the chance to revisit some good Friends!

  9. Love your blog and your sense of humor! I would love to have a brilliant smile too. Wait, is that too many loves?

  10. Ha, love the pics. You look kind of like you're trying to play a harmonica but ending up eating it instead!

    Still, if you can keep the drool contained, it does look like a reasonable option for teeth-whitening. Personally, I just use a whitening toothpaste and electric toothbrush and call that done.


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