The Silver (internet) Surfer

You may or may not be familiar with the Marvel Comics character The Silver Surfer, but there can be no doubt that superheroes are having a bit of a moment right now. Everyone from Spiderman to Loki has been down the red carpet lately, but there is one superheroine that for whatever reason, was left off of the cast list. 

The Silver Internet Surfer, though technically not in possession of the same vast superhuman strength, Godlike stamina, total indestructibility, or cosmic power that is attributed to her more well-known counterpart, has a few tricks up her sleeve as well. Sure, she can't rearrange molecules of matter into other configurations, but she's read a bunch of feng shui articles online and will soon tell you why that tapestry ottoman would look better over next to the Chippendale Queen Anne sofa.  

For her efforts, the superhero community has turned its back on her, relegating her to the fringes of society in the Scottish West Highlands, where it is unseasonably warm today. As a result, she has selected a simple, monochromatic look in her signature colour. She prefers minimalistic accessories with this ensemble, as the subtle metallic sheen of the top is more than enough for a weekday afternoon. She reckons that to add a cape to this would just be gauche.  

thrifted sleeveless top, similar / gray skater skirt (old), similar / silver gladiator sandals (old), similar / sterling silver cuff (old), similar

Make Silver Happen.


  1. You look gorgeous. And continue to crack me up.

  2. You are allways so much fun! Thank you for your great posts! :)
    And I love your hair!! I do hope that I would be that brave some day and let the silver grow visible!!

  3. I love your posts, Kristin! Always a fabulous look and a smile too. xo

  4. A gray-be from head to toe! . . .

  5. I love everything about this look! You look great!!


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