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My sister and I visited the Como Conservatory in St. Paul this week, and I indulged my orchid obsession by sniffing-out every species I could find among the exhibitions and taking a snap. I like to use them for sartorial inspiration, as well as obsess about adding them to my collection (once I am confident enough to feel like I possess enough species-specific knowledge not to kill them that is.)

We also did some thrift and consignment shopping (surprise, surprise), and just look what I picked-up! It appears as though I may be highly suggestible (but then, you already knew that). This Michael Kors sheer chiffon hoodie is something that was so unusual, I just had to have it...though I would probably not normally put a white tank top under it, I had to use what I had on hand in my suitcase.

I love the lush, tropical print, and just as I said about another top I bogged about last week, it reminds me of the Hermes Spring 2014 collection, which I love dearly.

Me in a hoodie. Who'd of thunk it?

Michael Kors tropical print chiffon hoodie (no longer available), similar / Rag and Bone skinny "Rock" jeans / Clarks shoes (old),  similar / Zara tank (old), similar

Make it Happen. 


  1. Have you been to Fashion Avenue in Edina? (I guess they have a store in Wayzata now as well) Not exactly "thrift" but some high end pieces for reduced amounts.....I just consigned some items there!! Ha Ha!!
    Enjoy your trip!

  2. That is a fantastic piece of clothing on you.

  3. Hello and lovely amusing blog!

    I need your help--based in the US (New England) and off to Ireland for a fortnight in the latter half of April. For some reason, even if I have been somewhere or even lived there (used to live in the UK) I have a packing brain freeze when deciding what I should stuff into the bag for a climate I am not currently experiencing. The goal as ever is to pack lightly....and not to end up unpacking at the other end amazed at what I opted to pack (that proves to be the opposite of what I feel like wearing) and did not pack (as a committed thrifter I have a lot of wonderful things...not to mention that I could make an emergency trip to any of a number of great thrift stores in the next week or so should I need anything). So could you take on the challenge and post a what-to-bring-to-places-with-madly-variable-temperatures when one will be doing all sorts of things from a bit of walking in the hills to pubs to strolling in Dublin? Many thanks!

    1. In late spring , expect anything from summery weather (rare) to cold, blustery early spring rains (more likely). Layers are key. A few that work together in easy to wear colours. I like to bring cashmere for a warmer layer, as it is thin and packs pretty well (if its good quality).

  4. Great find! I really adore this piece a lot ... perfect on you and in this semi-season! Lovely orchids ... such a personality-appropriate passion for you!

  5. That is a beautiful top - more like a blouse than a hoodie. Beautiful colours too. I would have snapped it up myself!

  6. This is a unusual top ad I love those pockets! Wonderful hair you have!

  7. Those pockets are to die for! I have to say great hair color!


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