A Taupe Can of Whoopass


I've never been a person to go out of my way to dress monochromatically, nor would it ever probably occur to me to put together an all-taupe look, but sometimes you're just standing there and notice these things staring out at you from your closet and you just sort of have to go there.

I've had this dress since the 90s, the shoes for several years, and the jacket is this season, last seen here.  I wear this dress a lot. I wore it it when I was a background player in this cheeseball Lifetime movie they shot in Seattle. I wear it on cruise ships. I wear it with flats in the summer. It's a workhorse, and you just can't kill it. It's the perfect shift; short, yes, but I like to think that the length is balanced by the fact that it's not too tight. It's fully-lined, and that gives it just the right amount of slip to sort of graze over the body. It is one of the most enduring and well-made department store dresses I own, and when I put it on, I am instantly reminded of the cataclysmic nose-dive that the quality of mainstream fashion manufacturing has taken in the last decade. Yeah, that's right, I'm pining for the "good old days"; something that I am generally I loathe to do, because I find that most people are revisionist historians when it comes to what the "good old days" were really about. I mean, do we really want to go back to the 50's, that oft-referenced time period that so many people use to illustrate the idea of "family values", when what they're likely really referencing is gender inequality? No thanks. I'm just fine where I am, thanks very much.

Speaking of gender equality, the last time I wore this dress with these shoes, a male friend of mine said that I looked like I was ready to kick some ass, which to me, is the highest of all compliments.

INC dress (old), similar / Report shoes (old), similar / Betty Barclay jacket

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  1. You look great. I love the dress, shoes and coat. Plus you've got great gams. Did you live in Seattle? I lived there for 12 years.

    1. Funny, I lived there for about 12 years as well, although hI was sailing on cruise ships at the time, so I only really "lived" lived there about 6 or 7. The rest of the time I was at sea and sharing an apartment with another crew member.

  2. Monochromatic always says, Chic. You look, indeed, vety chic.

  3. That is a really, really good look - The dress is stunning, and looks so good with the jacket and shoes.
    Love the mono colour look as well

  4. Gorgeous...I am so in love with taupe...the dress and jacket are so beautiful!

  5. I love this monochromatic look, but I think in my case it was always black! ;)
    Your choice is amazing! I love taupe. You have wonderful legs.. the shoes are absolutely gorgeous.. and of course the dress and the jacket! Very nice pictures :)

    have a wonderful day

  6. I relly love the outfit! You look absolutely gorgeous :)
    Hugs Beata


  7. Love the tone on tone look, it is an automatic classy look. stylenudge.com

  8. Love this outfit and that dress is gorgeous! Very classy and chic!!!


  9. Isn't taupe wonderful? You're quite right to do the monochromatic dance with these pieces. They work so well ... your skin doesn't wash with this color. Quite the opposite; you're all glowy! Totally sophistication without self consciousness. How did you get to be so cool?


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