Because I'm Addicted, That's Why

Yes, I got another tunic this week, and you can just stop rolling your eyes because this one is totally different from any other one in my wardrobe, and therefore it was an absolute necessity. It's nothing at all like this one, this one, this one, or any of these

*awkward pause while eyes dart nervously from side to side*

Anyway. This particular specimen was actually marketed as a beach dress, but I will wear it both as a beach dress and as "regular" clothes. I like beach clothes that look like regular clothes. It makes packing for those one bag getaways a lot easier, and you never get caught out in inappropriate attire if you have to unexpectedly go straight into a restaurant or some such place. Pieces like this are also the perfect solution to traveling to warm climates where you need to cover up, like say in UAE or parts of India. 

This dress on me is really too short to wear off of the beach without something underneath it, so I layered it over my thrifted white denim mini. I'm pretty long-waisted, so I'm guessing that on other people, this would likely not be necessary. 

Make it Happen


  1. Looks great with the gold accents!

  2. Doggie-bomb, how adorable. Great tunic, you needed it! It's lovely over a mini.

  3. Looking gorgeous! Great idea to wear your tunic over a skirt. I also like them over capri trousers in summer.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  4. Those are some great sandals.

  5. Lovely coloured! I have acquired a couple of tunics and am looking forward to getting a lot of use out of them this summer.


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