Fabulous After Forty Feature

Apologies for the highly-alliterative title (it was inadvertent, I promise), but I just wanted to share a wee nugget with you from last week. Glenda from So What to Twenty, Janise from Mama in Heels, and Yours Truly are all sharing some internet real estate over at Fabulous After Forty in various permutations of floral prints. Stop by and have a look!

Oh, and while we're making announcements, I have added a new tag to the blog. Pet Photobombs. On a lark, I went through my photos and looked for every photo shoot that had a dog or cat photobomb. More will surface as time goes on, but I'm off to a flyer. Heck, I figured that if I spend that much time looking at videos and photographs of cute animals on the internet, I'm guessing you do too.


  1. Three fabulous over 40's! I'm all for more cute animals, in this crazy world : >

  2. loving the highland fashionista.

  3. Yup, cute animals pics are welcome! Also, so are floral dresses...


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