I Love These Shoes - Big Time

This is probably my favourite pair of shoes that I own.  I've had them for years. I can't even really tell you why I am so enamoured of them; they're pretty simple, spindly, not particularly comfortable, but I am filled with glee any time I have a chance to wear them. I have danced the night away in them on more than one occasion. I'm not one of those women who you see taking her heels off and going barefoot at wedding dances and whatnot (amateurs). I'm a big believer in carrying a spare pair of flats if you think that things are going to get really rough (always a possibility at a Scottish Ceilidh dance). Anyway, going barefoot at dances is a great way to come away with bits of pint glass in the bottoms of your feet. But I digress.

It's hard to see, but the fringe on these babies is a combination of leather and chain; a mixture of hard and soft textures that I guess must suit my personality to a tee because here I am, still talking about it.  They're by Michael Kors (several seasons ago now) and they originally came in gold and silver.

The last time I wore these, I paired it with this silk Diane Von Furstenburg Dress at a wedding dance. The dress is perfect for a wedding, because it is a loose-fitting sheath. For a warm summer wedding, you can dance, eat, drink, and move freely. The print of the dress comes in handy, because you never know when the caterers will plop down a plate of cream-coated beef in front of you, despite the fact that you are a dyed-in-the-wool vegetarian, and you will end up eventually eating just the vegetables off the plate before handing the plate off to the eagerly-awaiting guy next to you, who in the process of taking it from you drops the beef all over your left boob. The watercolour print of the dress very conveniently hides the stain, bits of which are still there to this day.

Michael Kors "Vienna" shoes (old), similar / Diane Von Furstenburg dress (old), similar print here / Judith Ripka earrings

Make it Happen.


  1. Great shoes! I'm usually the one decorating my own boob with whatever sauce, but thinking about it makes me think I need a simple dress in a print to haul out for the occasional "occasion."

  2. Those are so pretty! They make me want to dance the cha-cha. (I don't actually know how to dance the cha-cha.)

  3. They are mighty pretty shoes and they'd go with a wide range of colours and styles too.


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