The Tao of Open-Minded Thrift

I got this tunic at a Minneapolis thrift store. It's several sizes bigger than I actually wear, but I bought it to be a bathing suit cover-up, so I figured what the heck.  One of my pet peeves is when people get obsessed with tag sizes. With modern size creep and variations between retailers, tag sizes literally mean nothing these days. Trying something on from the plus size department does not mean you are going to wake up the next morning with thirty pounds of extra weight on your frame, just as wearing many mass retailer brands in a size four, six or eight does not mean that you are suddenly no longer a ten (I'm talking to you Gap). Get over the number on the tag and look at what is in front of you. Shopping, particularly thrift shopping, is all about seeing possibilities. That's the art of it.

I actually see myself wearing this in the summer with a pair of cutoffs or short white shorts and gladiators (or maybe wedges) for no other reason than it is so darn comfortable. It's kind of no-brainer dressing, for those days when the most effort you might make will be to wrangle yourself into your swimsuit and put on sunscreen. Whew. Exhausting. Pass the sangria.

Thrifted tunic top, similar / thrifted Armani jeans. similar / Dune sandals (old), similar / Barse turquoise ring (old), similar (budget), similar (splurge) / Nicky Butler gemstone ring (old), similar

Make it Happen. 


  1. The possibilities - that's why I love thrifting so much. This is such a pretty top!

  2. I am so glad I came across you blog!

  3. I totally I agree with you!! I always tell my friends who often join me thrift-shopping that size is just a number, fit is more important! I scan the different sizes in a thrift store because if something catches my eye and it fits me well regardless where it is in size, I'll buy it.

    That's a beautiful tunic, love the paisley pattern. I'd buy that too if I see that in my neighborhood shops.

    - Karen

  4. Your top's lovely, very pretty colours on you. I'm the same, I never look at a size label, though that doesn't always work with skirts... Bought a lovely one a few weeks ago, brought it home, tried it on, and it swiftly slipped past my hips and fell off! At least it was only £2.50 and they let me take it back to the charity shop! x

  5. Amen! I'm a thrift store whore and heartily concur. Although I recently returned a dress I'd thrifted after I got home, researched the brand, and discovered it was a maternity dress. I do have standards.


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