12 Liner Looks in 7 Minutes

As an extension of having realised that I have been doing my makeup in the same few variations for as long as I've been an adult, I continue on my mission to expand my repertoire. I found Julia Graf on YouTube this week, and her succinct, well-narrated videos really give a girl a lot to think about. Will I use all of these techniques in the real world? Probably not, but like with any new discipline, it's more about learning what is possible and the techniques behind it. Enjoy. 

I plopped-in a pair of colour contacts for the exercise, just for fun (sometimes for nights out I like to use them as an accessory). Since we're dealing with some extreme looks here, I figured what the heck. These I believe are Freshlook Gemstone Green, in case you like to play around with these things as I do. 

When it was my turn to turn my hand at some of these eyeliner looks, here is what I learned. 
  1. I completely suck at liquid eyeliner and always will
  2. I stopped lining my "waterline" in 1987. Perhaps I need to start again, I like the look 
  3. After all of this work, my favourite look is still and will always be the smoky eye. 
  4. I'm inherently lazy, and out of all of these looks, will probably only use the smoky eye, the straight line, and the feline. And maybe a modified sixties flick. Maybe. 
All things told, it was a fun way to spend a bit of time on a rainy afternoon, and I did learn a little something about what goes behind the looks you see in photo shoots. Might come in handy some day, who knows?


  1. Love the video, an thanks for sharing your own results. Your eyes are gorgeous!

  2. Excellent. Love the Cleopatra look on you, especially.
    With minor variations, I've worn soft liner with a flick and a bit under the lower lashes for years.
    But wear it I must. Nothing brings out the eye like it ... 'cept perhaps mascara.

  3. Ha, what fun! I love playing around with make up. That 'flick back on the eyelid' one is weird. I vary a bit from no eyeliner (often just eyeshadow and mascara for work) to soft pencils in various colours (usually shades of purple) to black liquid eyeliner (I'm had a cheap one from Maybelline for ages that is the best I've used i.e. easy to put on, good colour coverage).


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