1995 Calling...

I was schlepping around the house today when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and realised how much I seemed to be channeling my 1990s self. Right down to the sweater tied around my waist (in plaid, no less), which is something I rarely ever do. Too fussy.

I think this time around, my unwashed grunge hair is far more realistic than it ever was back then. Probably because this time it is actual unwashed grunge hair. Back in the day we used to buy product to make our tresses look slept-in. You know...nice, clean dirt that smells like cucumber or coconut as opposed to the real thing.

The shoes are thrifted, and I'm fairly confident that they are circa the actual 90's.  All things told, I always did appreciate how easy it was to get dressed in the not-trying-too-hard 90s. Apparently I have not matured or evolved in any way since then.  What a surprise *rolls eyes*.

 Time Machine. 


  1. The 90s are back and on trend! So you're right on sister whether you mean it on not! You're definitely channeling everything that was cool about that decade.

  2. The 90's were glorious, imho! Great look for any day.


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