Ankle Strap + Badass Librarian

This post was intended to be about how to get over one's fear of ankle strap shoes visually cutting you off at the legs. I chose an all-black outfit with the intention of using it as a backdrop to highlight the shoes, but then sort of fell in love with the look, so this post is now only very briefly about ankle strap shoes cutting you off visually at the legs. Here's the take-away - don't worry about it. Choose a delicate strap in a light colour if you're worried about it, and pair it with a pencil skirt or a pair of cropped skinny trousers or midi skirt. The end.

Now.  I would like to talk about the look. Sometimes you put something on and it just feels good; it totally changes the way you feel. The great acting teacher Uta Haugen used to call this "changes of self". The minute I put this look on, I changed into my alter ego, The Badass Librarian.

The Badass Librarian is nobody's fool. She knows all of the works of Shakespeare backwards and forewords, even the less-popular, obscure ones like Titus Andronicus.  If you got the feeling that she was throwing you shade when you asked her if 50 Shades of Gray was still checked-out, she totally was. She knows the answers to all of your questions, and she may or may not share them with you. If you are foolhardy enough to manhandle one of the volumes from the rare books collection without acid free gloves, she will kick you right in your Dewey Decimal System with her pointy shoes, and leave you lying there in a heap to reflect on what you have done.

Manolo blahnik shoes (old), similar / Calvin Klein skirt (old), similar / Old Navy tank / Addidas Stella McCartney Jacket (old), similar

Ankle Straps. Make it Happen.


  1. This is a great outfit! I'm so for the ankle straps, they just look so cool especially with this outfit.

    blue hue wonderland

  2. Gasp! Silver Manolos!
    In the words of Rachel Zoe - I die!

  3. Gorgeous. I love the shoes & the outfit shows off your great legs!

  4. What wonderful looking shoes & what a great outfit
    Love it !

  5. You are one of the reasons I'm glad I blog.

  6. You've got a gleam in your eye... did you purposely mis-shelve some books, haha! The outfit looks great and the strap doesn't cut you off at all, the shoes look fantastic with the black and I love the slit in the skirt - very badass!

  7. Wow I can totally identify! Love the shoes and the outfit.
    And the cat adds so much to the character. Yours?

    1. Yep. That's Rudy, an adopted American shorthair that I picked up at a shelter in Ohio after he was found abandoned as a kitten and near death. He moved with me to the UK. He too is a badass in his own right.


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