Best Summer Makeup Look Ever!

Today, when I got home from my tennis match, I took advantage of my makeup-free face and intent to shower by experimenting with makeup. I have taken to doing this since I let my hair go natural, because I feel like I need a few more tricks up my sleeve to keep me from looking too washed-out.

Having just come back from the South of France (yes, I was away last week while the blog soldiered on...cheating on you with a stack full of novels and a bottle of rosé), I find that despite my best efforts with the SPF 50, I still instantly turn the colour of toast points when I'm outdoors for any length of time. This poses an interesting conundrum with the silver hair, trying to find just the right shades that work with my summer skin and the head of hair that I'm still getting used to.

I always turn to Lisa Eldridge's site for advice from her video library. Instead of looking for tips specifically for people with silver hair, I basically just pick looks that speak to me, and try them on. I think this is important. Those of us with silver hair are always being bombarded the do's and dont's of makeup and clothing colour choices. At the end of the day, it's just hair, and as symbolic as it may seem, it shouldn't define us to the point that we deny ourselves choices that we might otherwise make simply because they are the wrong shade of ecru.

This look is a doozy, and I'm sharing it with you as a matter of urgency because I think it would look good on everyone, no matter what your colouring. Summer is upon us, and it's nice to have a lighter, more glowy makeup look when the temperature rises. What I like best about this look is the absence of dark liner, something that I have always relied heavily on in the past. I used to shun light, metallic liners as fodder for teenagers. I stand corrected.  Here's the video. Below it is the look as it turned out on me (with sweaty tennis court hair...again) in all types of lighting.

What I Used

What She Used


  1. Thank you Kristen, from your silver-haired friend. :) I'm especially excited about the "do's and donut's" of makeup for us!

    1. OMG, hilarious! Autocorrect kept doing that, and I corrected it twice, but apparently it really, REALLY wanted there to be a donut in my post. I changed it, but I sat there for about five minutes debating whether or not I should. Its kind of good comedy writing to leave it....

  2. Great look on you! Am going to have to try some of this.

  3. Gold eyeliner, love that and I must try it! I wear gold and silver eyeshadow all the time in the summer. Works well with gray/blonde hair. This looks fab on you. Thanks for sharing the clip,

    blue hue wonderland

  4. You were right not to confine your search to makeup for silver hair. You look about 5 years younger with this "glowy" face. Now, kindly pass the donuts ;-)


  5. I love your blog, your humour, sense of style and your lovely self make your blog a go to for me. I had a catastrophic hair cut 10 years ago when I was 46, that spurred me on to giving up colouring my hair and going with whatever God gave me...It is funny to hear people say that you hardly notice the grey because truly, I don't care that there is grey ...I now have long "salt and pepper" hair and thoroughly enjoy it.I am healthy, active and have a wonderful full life (even with grey hair, imagine that!) I think there may be a wee revolution afoot!!!! Now , I am going to go find some of that glittery eyeshadow and an outrageous lipstick, thanks for the push.

  6. Purty! I don't have anything like that in my make-up stash (except a bronze liner which looks great then smears everywhere within about 15 minutes). Maybe I should treat myself to something sparkly for going out.

  7. Lovable make up! I am wondering if it would work so well on me ... ( I should try it!)


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