Better Than Yoga Pants

Or, God forbid, sweatpants. Look, I know that those of you who have been reading for a while will attest to the fact that I would also say that typhoid is better than sweatpants or yoga pants, but hear me out.  This is better.  The skirt is just a simple jersey knit by Esprit that I picked-up at TK Maxx on the sale rack for £5 (no kidding), and the sweatshirt and shoes are thrifted. The whole outfit cost under £15. No kidding.

If you're having a day off and are tempted to spend the day in a pair of yoga pants instead of getting properly dressed, give this a try, and save the yoga pants  This look has the exact same amount of throw it on and go, is at least as comfortable as a schleppy pair of sweats, and you can move in it (see below evidence). What's more, if you have to make a run into town, you don't look like a complete derelict. Which is good, because rest assured, if you go to the store in a pair of yoga pants, you will run into every ex-boyfrined, celebrity crush, and judgemental frienemy that you've ever met...right there, in the produce aisle. Because as we all know, that's where it all goes down.

 Esprit jersey skirt (old), similar / thrifted sweatshirt, similar / thrifted shoes, similar

Make it Happen.


  1. I love a refined sweatshirt like this one. Great look, you!

  2. You are gorgeous.

    I still hate skirts unless I'm going to work:).

  3. Yeah, nah on the little skirt thing. I don't keep my legs in a state of bronzed hairless perfection. If tempted to wear sweatpants or yoga pants out of the house (which I'm NOT!), I wear stretchy skinny jeans.

  4. Yes, but I don't keep my legs in a state of hairless bronzed perfection! My go-to casual look is stretchy skinny jeans.


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