De-Skankify A Pair of Cutoffs

Okay, I realise that cutoffs will always suffer from a bit of an image problem (thanks for nothing, Daisy Duke). They're not everyone's cup of tea. I still like them every now and again, but if the very thought of them sends shivers up and down your spine, you can substitute them for a destroyed pair of boyfriend jeans, denim skirt, or any other ripped-to-shreds piece of denim you care to imagine.

I've always found that the secret to pulling off a look with cutoffs is....well, it's not really a secret...that's giving it too much credit. The thing (better?) I like to do with cutoffs is pair them with something very buttoned-down and sweet, or elegant and blowsy. That way, instead of the cutoffs being the focal point of the outfit, they are more of an accessory that serves to dress-down the look a bit with some edge and humour. I also like to pair them with bohemian-inspired pieces, but with a heavy dose of caution. If there is one thing that turns me off, it's that hackneyed, overwrought "festival" look; the cutoffs and midriff tops, the flowers in the hair and boots with shorts. Bleh. It's been done. Again, and again, and again. I'd say that was a look best left to the twenty somethings (if I believed such things), but really I just think it's a look that should just be left.

J. Crew peplum top (old), similar / thrifted cutoffs, similarsimilar / Sam and Libby for Target sandals (old), similar / gold earrings (old), similar / beaded stretch ring (old), similar

Make it Happen.


  1. I think there is no better casual outfit for summer as cutoffs.. I love them! Wearing them when I was 16, wearing them today with 49!
    Your perplum looks great and gives the outfit a soft elegant touch :)


  2. These look great on you!

  3. Really great outfit as always! What nail polish are you wearing on your toes? I love the turquoise color. Thanks so much.

    1. It's called minted by Revlon. Last year, or mate two years ago but its probably still out there. Doesn't last as long as the dark stuff, but great for summer.

    2. Thanks! I found it on Amazon.

  4. Nope. Not havin' it. Once a Daisy a Duke, always a Daisy Duke. I'm not saying they don't work with a tee and some sneaks in super casual circumstances, but this just does not do it. To each her own...

  5. Such pretty shoes! You have the best shoes. Given my legs, I've never worn cutoffs that short in my life. I don't even own a pair of proper demin jeans (I've got lighter weight coloured denim in cobalt blue, burgandy and coated dark chocolate colour). I think I tend towards formal dressing, even in casual situations.


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