Simple Summer Shorts Look

I always find it challenging when it is hot outside to feel properly dressed in a really casual summer look. Just shorts and a tee always feels kind of "around the house" to me, so I try to find pieces with a bit of texture or interest to add a bit of depth to something simple. It just feels better somehow...more complete. Or maybe it's all in my head.

thrifted blouse, similar / Forever 21 shorts, similar / naturaliser sandals (old), similar / 14K and Austrailian opal pinky ring (old). similar

Make it Happen


  1. just lovely, Kristin. The eyelet shorts are great.

  2. Your legs look pretty awesome in those shorts. I'm curious as to how you stay so fit?

    1. Basically by kicking my own ass on a regular basis and being a healthy, plant-based eater. No diets, no secrets. Just sweat and vegetables.

  3. Those are very pretty shorts. I like the shirt tucked up a bit to show the shorts so it doesn't just look like a teeny tiny hem under a floaty top.

    I'm terrible at self-motivation when it comes to exercise - I do gentle things like yoga and pilates and don't push myself too hard on the cross trainer. I'm really good on diet 90% of the time, but the 10% ruins things too... Well done, you!


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