The Big White Silk Sack

This dress is one of those screaming-all-the-way-home-good-bargains that I found a few years back while visiting the USA. This is an Adrienne Vittadini silk cowl dress (fully-lined!), and I found it for $20 on the sale rack at the TJ Maxx in my hometown. There was only one of these dresses on the rack and it was at least two sizes too big for me, but knowing a good deal when I see one, I grabbed it anyway and wore it with a belt until I found an alterations place to take it in for me.

I like how the style of this dress is slightly reminiscent of the sack dresses of the 1960s. Normally, this would be a style I would try and avoid, as voluminous clothing tends to be...well, voluminous.  I avoid super-flowy, unstructured clothes because I feel silly in them with my rather muscular build - like The Indredible Hulk in a tutu or something (I know, I know...I'm prone to fits of exaggeration). This dress however, manages to avoid the pitfalls of unstructured clothing; it acknowledges the lines of the body underneath it without clinging to it or giving it an extra-helping of bulk. It's a great summer dress for when it gets hot, because it does't stick to you. Not that it ever gets that hot here, but you know...I've heard that it does in other places.


To me, this is strictly a hair-up kind of a dress. The neckline is interesting, and all you really need is to give it some room to do its thing. Okay, maybe some earrings and a pair of gold sandals (which I consider a neutral with a kick), but any more than that and I'd feel like the dress would be weighed-down.

Adrienne Vittadini silk dress (old), similar / thrifted gold leather sandals, similar / leaf earrings (old), similar / Andrea Jovine sunglasses (old), similar

Make it Happen.


  1. You look like a movie chic and smart! You are right ...this was a great find!

  2. Love that dress on you. Very sophisticated.

  3. What a great shape on that dress! Very "Jackie O In Capri."

  4. Gorgeous dress. I am completely jealous of your ability to wear sack dresses. I can't wear them or shift dresses because if they're big enough for my thighs they're way to big for my top half and they hang horribly. But, you were absolutely right to buy this and the alterations are perfect. You look wonderful and glamorous!

  5. Such a great look! This dress was made for you.

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  6. This is such an unusual dress. Not one I could pull off anywhere nearly as well as you with your long legs. Definately a statement dress.



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