Double Denim

So I'm back. I was only away for a handful of days, but they were glorious, warm, sunny days. Any time I return from a warm and sunny break, I become a little bit feral; I have a sort of adverse reaction to having to rejoin society where one is expected to wear clothing other than a swimsuit and flip flops, style one's hair, and otherwise give off an impression of an adult who functions perfectly and contributes to society.

I was very glad that Sacramento from Mis Papelicos decided to make today's Share-In-Style theme denim, because it was really about the only thing that I felt like I could face wearing on my first day back without tearing it straight off, scampering off into a corner, and hissing at anyone who tried to approach me with a hairbrush or a tube of lipstick.

I'm generally sort of ambivalent about the double denim, "Texas Tuxedo" look, but this skirt has a sort of finished quality to the fabric, and you really can't even tell it's denim until you get really close. It's one of those pieces that goes with everything, as is the denim jacket. This time, they are going with everything together.  Now if you'll excuse me...

*scampers off to eat bark and dig holes in the back garden*


  1. Great look. I'm wearing a dark denim skirt in the link-up too. In Texas, they call it a "Canadian Tuxedo" : >

  2. What a cute outfit. Your denim on denim works!

  3. I love this denim on denim outfit! Looks great. You look amazing in it. The sandals are beautiful, they look very comfortable and the color is so nice :)


  4. In Nashville they call it Couture ;-P
    Love the skirt! Seriously fierce, my feral friend, and the sandals really give it a little elegance.


  5. You made my day when I saw you in the link up, wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    soooooooooooooooo fabulousssssssssss

  6. You look wonderful - such a great fit! Love the sandals! As someone who has a hard time dressing up in Summer, I sooo understand you... :)

  7. Nice outfit, double denim has endured many years in the fashion wilderness, now all of a sudden it's the latest thing :-) I like your sandals too.



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