Getting Nude. Again.

Did I need another pair of nude heels? Of course not! And yet...

These are Clarks Azizi Isis wedge pumps in nude. I am not even going to bore you with posting how many different iterations of nude shoes I own....let's just leave it at "a lot" and move swiftly on.

These really jumped out at me because they are a dressier wedge. I find that wedges can sometimes pose a bit of a styling conundrum, largely because most of the wedges that you see out there are the more casual cork or raffia wedges, which tend to look a bit off to me when paired with something dressier (Kate Middleton does this a lot with cork wedges, and it drives me round the bend). Cork and raffia are great with a maxi dress or cutoffs, but with a fitted or tailored look...meh.

What I liked about these is that they actually read more like a stiletto than a wedge, thereby allowing me to mix it up a bit when I feel like I have to have a nude shoe. Yes, even dressier wedges can still be a bit trickier than just your classic nude pump, but that's the fun of it, isn't it...figuring this stuff out.

Style them with...


  1. Adorable, and I don't think you can have too many nude shoes.

    Barbara @

  2. Totally get what you're saying about wedge heels generally looking more casual than a stiletto heel. And! These Clark's do read more like a stiletto. The very narrow design line and what appears to be a seam down the back add up to a very classy look! Clark's are getting better and better!

  3. I don't have any nude shoes anymore, they've all gone to the charity shop now.

    Clarks have super comfy shoes, they've really changed over the last few years. I got a pair of their desert boots and they are like walking on air.

  4. I love those shoes! And they aren't that ridiculous yellow-beige-nude tone, either. Would you consider it an almond toe? I have to say, I may check these out for work heels... Thank you for sharing.


    1. Undo consider these almond heels, but the official product description calls them "pointed". Whatevah...they're super practical and they also come in orange and black. I think orange would be amazing too.

  5. Love the shoes. And your blog, precisely because I started to go grey two months ago, like you I have curly, coarse hair. About shoes, I am picky about high heel shoes. The color and style appeal to me. Now you got me wonder will I find the style with peeping toes? I had similar brazilian shoes in the past.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Aloha from Josie

  6. Are they comfy? I'm generally a big Clarks fan but my last pair were of quite stiff leather that I still haven't managed to break in. They're giving me blisters like you wouldn't believe!

  7. Those shoes are lush! I have shoe envy! They have the perfect point too! Can't believe they are Clarks! So glad I've found you through 40 Bloggers! Andrea x


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