Matchy Monochromatic Makeup

Apologies for the alliterative title. It was easy. I took the path of least resistance. Enough said.

I have always been drawn to these monochromatic tonal makeup looks that you always see in runway photos and in magazine editorials, but have discounted them as not really applicable to real life. But lately having been thinking a lot about trying new makeup looks that are both easy and different, I revisited this look, once again with the help of Lisa Eldridge's online videos (because, of course).

The look that she showcases here actually seems like it could translate pretty seamlessly into real life, and once I tried it and liked it, it made me open my mind to more unconventional eyeshadow colours that I would have probably otherwise avoided like the plague. Tawny blusher as eyeshadow on my lids and (again) no liner! Scary!

I decided to try and emulate this look as closely as possible (right down to the contacts) because the tawny colours seemed really serviceable, and probably because the model is so stunning it really makes you want to try it.

What can I say... I'm a sucker for good marketing.

What I Used.


  1. Your lighter colored eyes change your looks so much! Not in a bad way, mind you. Just. . . different! Btw, I've never been a fan of the red or orange eye shadow.

  2. I was expecting something bold or a bit wacky from the pics above, but your look is perfectly subtle and flattering. I've occasionally used blusher or even a touch of fairly neutral lipstick on my eyelids in an emergency (i.e. when I felt like having make up on and only had powder and lipstick with me).


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