Feminine, Tough, Floral, Strappy.

While I was performing a recent wardrobe clean out, I realised with a degree of disbelief that I didn't own a pair of black strappy sandals. I mean, sure, I have flat gladiators, industrial-strength chunky low heels and wedges for day and casual nights out...basically I have all manner of black shoes that look like they are ready to kick ass and take names, but nothing really appropriate for more demure occasions. We are going away on vacation in September, and a black strappy sandal is one of those things that you can wear with many, many different looks. How did this get by me? It just goes to show, you have to be diligent.

I wanted something light and delicate, but not so delicate that it couldn't balance a look if you had something strong or structured on top. I found these Manolos in an online consignment shop for $60. They're in perfect shape, comfy (as Manolos always are) and if taken care of, will last indefinitely. Score.

A comprehensive gallery of Feminine, Tough, Floral, Strappy.


  1. The whole gallery is drop-dead but yours are so original too !

  2. sexy too! My feet are screaming "pain" at me as I even think about these. But fabulous!

  3. Very lovely and I do admire your ability to walk in them. It must be a balance thing.

  4. It IS a balance thing, exactly. I worked on cruise liners for years and once you've worn heels on a moving ship, you are set for life!

  5. W-O-W! These legs and this divine sandals... I´m speachless! :)


  6. very sexy legs-paul


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