Summer in the Highlands

We made this happen.

For weeks now, those of us who live in the Scottish West Highlands have been waxing lyrical about what a lovely summer we've had so far. Everyone was talking about it - in the streets, the grocery stores; you couldn't get away from it. All that talk must have finally made its way up Mount Olympus and annoyed and infuriated the Gods, because as soon as the month of August arrived, Zeus aimed his javelin-like thunderbolt at us, enlisted the help of his main man Poseidon, and together they conjured some of the rainiest, gustiest, most gut-churningly turbulent weather I have ever seen in the middle of summer (or "summer" as I like to call it here). We have the central heating running as I write this, and I have staged an emergency evacuation of my 15 orchid plants from the ventilated sun room to more insulated windowsills and shelving throughout the house until the wrath of the Gods subsides.

This bites.

But instead of completely losing all hope, let's talk a little bit about dressing for this kind of weather. Because goodness knows, we see plenty of people who arrive on these shores for a summer holiday completely unprepared for it. So lets address this, just in case I haven't scared all of you off of a potential visit. Let's talk about the most essential piece of kit; the jacket.

I know a lot is always made of classic Barbour jackets for British weather conditions, but for my money, I'll take a Musto jacket any day (which is what I'm wearing here). Windproof, rainproof, lightweight, and insulated, Musto jackets are a staple among seafarers (one of which I am married to) and they really do keep the elements out. Like, really keep them out. I don't wear this jacket very often, but when I do, it's because I really need to be wearing it.

Rubber wellies are another great tool for schlepping-around in inclement weather, although they're not particularly comfortable, so you need a good pair of wool socks. If you are travelling and going to be doing a lot of walking, I would not wear wellies, and opt instead for a pair of lightweight but rainproof hiking boots (for the country) or Chelsea boots (for the city). That said, I got these no-brand wellies from a local shop for £14. As cute as some of the colourful and printed Hunter wellies are, there is simply no way in this lifetime I can make myself pay upwards of £100 for a pair of unlined rubber rain boots. It just seems insane.

Scarves, gloves, whatever else you think you might need to ride out the wrath of the Gods, you should have them on hand. You might not need them (it is August, after all), but then might. Probably.

Yes, you will.

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You'll be needing these.


  1. I can relate to your thoughts: I'm in Finland now, and the weather is getting rainy and the summer is over... a good rainproof jacket or a coat is a must, and I miss mine, especially today, looking out the window (also spend a lot of time in my second home in Kent, and all my raincoats are there...)

  2. I found your blog through Rosy's "Share In Style", and your post not only made me smile, but also warmed my heart, as it made me feel like returning to beautiful Scotland! I totally sympathise with you as to the weather. I'm from Switzerland, we had a surprisingly warm and sunny spring, and everyone was expecting a terrific summer. But July and August were just dreadful. Rainy, cool weeks, two days of sunshine, and then it's rain again.
    However, you still can look good and fashionable, despite the rain. There's no such thing as bad weather, there's only bad clothing.

    Love your glasses. And your scarf. I think the loveliest scarfs can be found in Scotland. :-)

    Best wishes, Doris (aka Mrs. Button)

  3. OK, I am a wee bit jealous, as we are facing at least 6 more week of 90 degree days. OTOH, sundress and sandals today : > You look fab, despite the chill.

  4. Oh summer in the highlands is like winter in Murcia. Best regards.

  5. Eek! You weren't exaggerating about the weather conditions! Not good! Not good! Having said that, you DO look good!

  6. It's always greener on the other side, isn't it? Oh, how I wish you could send some of that rain to California. It's so hot and dry and we are in a Stage II Drought emergency in Santa Barbara. Oh, and send me that gorgeous scarf, too, while you're at it!

  7. That looks like the weather for most of the time we were there. :-) Was very happy to have brought an insulated raincoat.

  8. Ha ha ha, like summer in San Francisco! Although we've had it pretty easy this year . . . so far. Last year I only survived by eating french onion soup on a regular basis.

  9. I don't think it's quite as bad here as where you are, but the glorious summer we were experiencing in NW England has also waned with the aftermath of Hurricane Bertha, and high coastal winds, rain and cooler temps are becoming the norm. :( After the glorious weather of Annecy, I'm trying to adjust my expectations in our new home, and have been researching rain gear in preparation for fall ( so far I'm a liking a hooded Barbour trench ... at 500£, yeeks!). I'll check out Musto but fear it may be too sporty for me. Boots are next on the list - I'm not one for wellies either.

  10. Yeesh that weather sucks. It is depressing just looking at the photos! LOL

    Do love the scarf though : )


  11. Well, boo. We've had a really mild summer here in Michigan as well. Lots of 50 - 60 degree days and rain. You look great though, even though you are freezing balls.

  12. I love the rain sometimes. Living in Seattle I've had to adjust my thinking for sure.
    You look like you've got the right gear for this weather at least. You're looking very cute!

  13. We have spent many summers in Scotland cool and beautiful indeed
    Thank you for joining once more the Share-in-Style family

  14. Hilarious! Summer in Scotland, your last photo had me laughing!!!
    I need a good waterproof this winter so will check out Musto



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