An Obligation to my Jeans

Yes, today I took the easy option - jeans and a white tee. It's not because I was feeling lazy or ambivalent, I just really wanted to talk about these thrifted jeans and it provided a nice, neutral backdrop.

I feel a certain obligation to a garment when I try it on and it fits really well, and I suppose that is doubly true if the item is thrifted, as these jeans are. They are nothing special; Hudson jeans, very 1990s boot cut leg, flap pockets which I probably wouldn't have chosen, but they fit fantastically (so fantastically they could not be ignored), and are just the right length to wear with heels and still be long enough to have a nice break at the ankle. When I slid these on in the thrift shop dressing room, I heard the voices of all of my good friends I've ever shopped with in my head saying things like "oh my gawd, you have to buy those!" and "Get them. It would be wrong not to." You know...the things we say to justify just about any purchase, from wrinkle cream to handbags.

So I therefore feel an obligation to my jeans. I have been chosen to wear these. It is my mission, and I choose to accept it.

Thrifted Hudson jeans / Old Navy tee / eBay necklace (old), similar



  1. Long live the jeans! Gorgeous necklace too. xox

  2. Well, if I found those in a thrift store I'd feel an obligation to take them home and wear them almost every day! Perfect fit!

  3. There is nothing more satisfying than finding a pair of jeans that fit perfectly.

  4. Mission accomplished, and done so well. This is a combination I always admire when it's done well like you have, but it's always hard for me to wear ... short, short-waisted, too much boobage. Proportions allude me on this classic combo. But you look lovely and they were indeed a great buy!

  5. Ahhhh...if I only had your legs jeans could look this good on me too.

    They really are perfect on you.


  6. One can't argue with jeans that fit you like those do. Just go with it. ;-)

  7. I am always super excited when I thrift a pair of jeans because it's so rare to find a pair with the right fit. These look great on you! Debbie @

  8. I really would love some jeans like this - they look amazing with a simple tshirt and necklace

  9. I have read things about bootcut coming back... it's definitely an acceptable style and those jeans look great on you. That necklace elevates the outfit to being quite chic.


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