Goodbye Joan

This is such a drag. Regardless of your opinion on her very direct style of humour (she cut right to the quick, was always controversial, and I loved her for it), you cannot deny that Joan Rivers broke a hell of a lot of ground for female comediennes, and I suppose women in entertainment in general. Single mom, shrewd businesswoman, and all-around formidable presence, it's just not going to be the same without her.  I loved her current show The Fashion Police (which sadly will probably go away now), and am just so sorry that she won't be here to comment on this atrocity which happened this week, because you know she would have. So in honour of Joan, I am going to comment on this look in her memory. I won't be nearly as funny as she was, but I'm pretty sure I can easily access the necessary levels of irreverence and vitriol.

I mean, come on.  That s**t's just wrong. Even Kanye looks insecure about it, so you know it's bad. She looks like a slutty mermaid stuck in a lobster trap.

Here are a few classic Joan moments I ripped from the internet. Enjoy, and RIP Joan


  1. I'll miss her! I was a loyal "Joan Ranger" and looked forward to Fashion Police every week.
    Dawn Lucy

  2. That's a good one about the mermaid in the lobster trap!


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