The Thoughtful Packer

I love it when you have nothing but time to pack for a trip. I got lucky this time around when I had to pack for the vacation I'm currently enjoying. Normally, I have to plan what I'm going to pack while I am at work or on the move, then come home and get it all done with very little time to spare before we head for the airport. This time, I had the whole day off before we left, and got to stand in front of the mirror and make considered choices about what I should bring. In the end, I managed to get all my evening clothes in and only packed 2 pairs of heels and one pair of sandals. Plus workout shoes, but they don't count.


  1. Great frocks!
    Packing is such a daunting task...hope you have a great holiday.
    Tell us all about it when you return...

  2. I'm guessing you went someplace warm and sunny. ;-) Great dresses!

  3. Whoowee, those are some sassy dresses! I particularly love the fuchsia/plum one and the black one with the straps. Oh, and the one with black lace around the top. Lovely stuff. Where are you that you get to wear so many evening dresses.

  4. WOW some gorgeous outfits! I'm off to Barcelona on Friday for 4 days, I will not look as good you do!


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