Totally Inappropriate

Years ago, my best friend and I invented a game called "What's the Most Inappropriate Thing I Could Do Right Now?"  The game was intended to be played inside the privacy of one's head during boring meetings, lectures, and whatnot. Basically, you just sort of sit there (overcome by ennui), and occasionally think to yourself, what's the most inappropriate thing I could do right now? You then allow completely inappropriate (and hilarious) thoughts to flood your mind.

Try it sometime. It's pretty fun. Although I should warn you, if you have an imagination as twisted as we have, be judicious about where you employ The Game, because you will laugh, and probably out loud.  (church services / funerals / weddings = bad)

Today I tried to apply the concept of our game to what I wore. I thought about all the stupid things I've read over the years about how to dress, and put as many of them on as I could while still trying to make a cohesive look.  I used the following "rules" as a guideline.

  • sequins should never be worn before 6pm
  • after 40 put the short shorts away
  • sneakers should be worn with socks
  • grey hair makes you look old (that one is in play 24/7)
  • women with grey hair shouldn't wear brown or taupe

Betty Barclay perforated leather jacket (sold out), similar / LaRedoute sequin top (old), similar / thrifted cargo shorts, similar / Converse One Star shoes (mens)


  1. Love a gal that breaks all the rules. Hooray for the sequins!

    That games sounds like it might be vaguely based on Borat. LOL


  2. There are no rules & if there were they are there to be broken! You look great! Ax

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you... for breaking those hideous rules.
    Just curious, have you had a personal color analysis.. and if so, what palette are you?

    Love your posts!

  4. I think you look absolutely amazing! I threw the rule book out the window years ago!

  5. I just loved that post, it made my day. And you look terrific!

  6. Inappropriateschwinappropriate:)>

  7. Rules are made to be broken! ;-) You look great. We used to play a version of that game that involved being required to insert a completely inappropriate word into the meeting/presentation/whatever. It was totally juvenile and so funny because you'd always get the "she can't possibly have just said that" look, as you continued talking as if nothing had happened. I'm glad to say I've grown up a bit (only a bit) since then!


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