Fully Autumnated

I look suspicious here, don't I? Like I gave you my ice cream cone to hold while I posed for the picture, but didn't trust you not to eat it. Our cat looks at us like this when we change something in the house or move a piece of furniture. It's a look that says, "J'accuse!"

Today I decided that since Sacramento over at Mis Papelicos is hosting her Bloggers Sharing Style linkup with a print theme, I would try to take one of my favourite printed items and try to bring it along into more of a fall look. So here it is....the botanical tunic. Ta-Daaa!

This tunic was actually marketed as a dress, which makes me laugh hysterically. This is only a dress if you're about 5'5" or under, and even then, I think it would be a bit....gynecological, to say the least. Lets get real here. This is a tunic, last seen here. I love this print; slightly Asian, slightly tribal, slightly menacing (all those pointy bits!), it's got a little something for everyone. I've always sort of categorised this as a summer piece in my wardrobe, although I don't really see why. It's super easy to layer this up and make it more autumn appropriate. Paired with jeans and boots, the print is so strong you don't really need to do anything. It's ideal, really. The whole not doing anything bit, I mean.

Zara dress tunic (last season), similar / Mango "Electra" jeans / Nine West boots (old), similar / H&M scarf (old), similar

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  1. Gorgeous print! (Someone wore this as a dress . . . : o). Our cats have that same face. xox

  2. Yup, that's definitely a tunic. Not feeling it for autumn myself, but then again, I have a very springy pastel floral t shirt that I'm still defiantly wearing...

  3. That is such a great tunic. No way that should be a dress. Love how you paired it with the jeans and boots.

  4. I am always sooooooooooo glad to see you, my lovely friend
    Thank you so much for being part of the Share-in-Style family


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