Happy Halloween!

I had the good luck this year to make a quick trip to the US to see family just before Halloween, which is one of my favorite holidays. I haven't had a reason to put on a costume in years, so this year, when my sister decided we should do the Minnesota Monster Dash 5K, I was all in.  My sister went as jazzy death, I as the dead girl from Goldfinger (inspired by this post, no less). Although I wouldn't do the 10 mile or half marathon in body paint, it was just fine for a 5K. Turns out, gold lamé spandex is a lot more sports friendly than one might think (those 80s glam rock metal bands knew something we didn't). Also turns out, I do not make a good blonde.

We capped off our highly sophisticated evening with a round of zombie paintball at the Trail of Terror Festival.  Because one can never be overly-prepared for the apocalypse.

Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. You are awesome. Seriously.

  2. Ha ha! Brilliant! and I mean that literally : )

    I can't believe you were able to run with the paint on though. You look super tough with your paint gun.


  3. I so want to be your best friend:). How fun ARE you?!?!?!

  4. Just so everyone knows, your Dad and I brought you two up to be intelligent and sophisticated.....just we are.

  5. You make a pretty good blonde, acutally! More beautiful in your own pretty hair, but good to have a fallback color! And you are so cool for doing a 5K ... good for you! However ... I'm shocked you didn't change out of your little runners! Shocked, I tell you!

  6. You look amazing, but weren't you a bit cold frolicking about outside? I guess running keeps you warm and wigs are surprisingly warm. I must get back into attempting to run 'cos it does seem to be the magic bullet in terms of a healthy weight... I've just started the Couch to 5K app, but I need to keep at it!


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