Himself Steps Out for Jacamo

Meet Ronnie. Ronnie is my husband, and that's Fergus in the background, who you've likely met from one of the many photobombs he has provided for the blog . A few weeks ago, I was speaking to a representative for some of the UK clothing brands that I collaborate with, and in the course of the conversation she told me she was looking for a few men to trial some items from one of the retailers she represents, and wanted to know if my husband would be interested. I put the question to my husband, not thinking for a minute that he would say yes. He said yes. And so with no further delay, I give you his internet debut.

Ronnie was asked to trial this pair of Label J Lace-Up Brogues from Jacamo, a UK internet retailer with a huge variety of menswear on their website, as well as sports clothing, accessories, and even a selection of home and electrical goods.  This was a very fitting road-test for him, as he is notoriously hard on his shoes. Wearing through the soles of shoes, ripping a hole where the leather meets the sole, scuffs, tears, water damage...you name it, it is a part of the tapestry of life for the members of his shoe closet.

I'll admit I was a bit dubious about the white contrast soles on these shoes, but when he opened the box, my concerns evaporated. The white sole gives them a more casual look which is perfect for day to day wear. Ronnie also wanted me to tell you that they are really comfortable, soft, and the leather feels like it is of good quality. I can corroborate this claim, as the shoes both look and feel like they may even be able to withstand Ronnie's shoe tough love. Time will tell.


  1. Cool shoes, and nice to see the nice-looking hubby. Mine would have definitely said "no"!

  2. Awww, bless! So cute to see him standing there in his new shoes. I hope he got to keep them as payment for his posing!

  3. He is such a good sport, also very cute. Violet.

  4. Love them. My partner would salivate for these shoes but not let himself spend the money on them. He's going to get beautiful wingtips for our wedding though and he's very excited about them. When I met him, all his shoes were hideous, second hand runners (aka trainers, sneakers) from Value Village!


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