Styling Statement Glasses

Once again, I'm pleased to be working with the good people at, this time helping them showcase a few of the styles from their Holliday Collection which will be launching next week. As I am inclined to do, I selected a few styles that would probably be considered statement glasses; they have a definite point of view and a very nerd-chic, retro feel to them.

As with any statement pair of frames, to really balance the look, you have to think about the whole package. After all, a pair of heavy, wayfarer-style frames such as these Dean Wayfarers (above) look a whole lot different paired with an old sweatsuit (shudder) than they do with a thoughtfully put together ensemble. The good news is that you likely already have things in your closet that you can put together to create the look you want. Really, it's all about balance when dealing with heavy frames.  A strong pair like the Dean Wayfarer looks great paired with strong, simple pieces with a bit of feminine flair. As we hurl ourselves into the festive season, this is a great strategy that will really set you apart from all of the cocktail dresses, lurex and sequins that start to appear at this time of year.

I also couldn't resist these Jet Setter brow line specs (below). The retro style reminds me of the assistant principal of my junior high school, who was your classic relic from the 1950s and still wore the same buzz-cut, short sleeved dress shirt, skinny tie, and brow line specs he likely was wearing thirty years prior. I think that on a woman, these glasses have a strong yet flattering effect; they sort of imitate a thick swath of black liquid liner across the top of your eyelid without the effort or margin for error.

While this is still a strong look, it is less so than with the slightly heavier Dean, and therefore it makes a great pairing with a softer, more girly look. The frames are perfect to add just the right amount of edge and masculinity to keep a sweet dress from becoming too saccharine, yet they don't overpower the face in the process.  So if you're a gal who is drawn to florals, ruffles and lace, you can still rock a pair of retro statement glasses during the upcoming party season. Again, it's all about the balance.


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