The Blanket Scarf

Okay, so these things are everywhere right now. Looking at a street style blog from one of the Fashion Week shows, one could easily think that maybe the photograph was taken in Bolivia, what for all the hats and blanket scarves worn as ponchos floating about the place. I suppose it didn't hurt that Burberry pulled a pretty slick marketing Coup d'Etat when they gave a personalised version of their Heritage blanket scarf to every single model and celebrity in the known universe. Whatever you may think about blanket scarves, it is a trend, and therefore we should probably talk about it.

As trends go, you could do a lot worse (one word: overalls). It's comfy, cozy, and pretty easy to wear. I say pretty easy, because as effortless as it may look to see someone sort of nonchalantly swaddled in an oversized wrap, there can be a bit of fuss involved. High winds, other people...there are things around you that can pretty easily make your look come unhinged. You also have to give a little thought to what you put underneath so that you don't completely obliterate your figure, as this is a trend that adds bulk. I went with a shorts look, which is a bit out of character (the last time I wore tights with shorts I was about 18), mostly because it is unseasonably warm right now. Turns out I kind of liked it. The shorts, that is. And the scarf.

From my extensive field research which involved standing in front of the mirror outside the bedroom for like, five minutes, I have decided that there are three main ways to wear this look. Loose, wrapped, and belted. Belted gives your figure the most love, but can be fussy. Loose is certainly easy, unless its windy. Wrapped is probably the most effortlessly elegant, but can look overdressed if you aren't careful.

So much to think about. So very much. What are your thoughts? Yea or Nay? Discuss.

See? I'm already fussing with it. 

Next scarf (last season), similar / Neiman Marcus cashmere turtleneck (old), similar / David Tate boots (old),  similar / Forever 21 shorts (old), similar / rose gold bangle (old), similar / rose gold and topaz ring (old), similar

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Blanket statement


  1. I love large shawls in general--and own a couple, but I've always struggled with how to wear them.
    I'd vote for loose or belted. Wrapped only works as long as you don't breathe or move. Belted probably works if you're standing but I'm not sure how it works with sitting/moving. I tend to go with loose as it gives me the opportunity to re-adjust the shawl every 2-5 minutes. If nothing else it keeps me busy.

  2. I really like them. They add an extra layer when it is cold and some colour and pattern.

  3. Love this scarf on you!! So versatile and I love red, looks perfect, Love it wrapped around and I also love it belted, I need to get my self a new fall scarf! Love that you wore it over a dress with boots, show off the great legs!
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess xx

  4. You've wrestled that scarf into submission quite nicely! Most regular size scarves look like "blanket" scarves on me because I'm so short, and I could just picture myself in one of these as a big pile of scarf with the top half of my head peeking out. Which is my way of saying, cute trend; I'll sit this one out. :-)

  5. EFR, extensive field got me. You are so funny. I like all three versions. You look great in all three!

  6. It's time to vote on Share in Style, dear friend.

  7. I love it belted as it looks more elegant. This look is super chic and you wear it well. xo


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