But What Do I Do With This Thing!?

That sentiment pretty much sums up how I used to feel about scarves. I found them fussy and superfluous, and really hadn't a clue as to how to make them work for me outside of wrapping up against the worst of the Wisconsin winters that I grew up with.

These days with fashion editorials and online tutorials just a click away, it is a lot easier to visualise how you can work a scarf into your wardrobe. I think there is also a wider selection of scarves available now, and in a much wider range of fabrics. What I like best about modern scarves is that you can wear them and be absolutely, positively, 100% casual in them; a look that not so long ago, simply didn't exist. The following list are some of my favourite go-to ways to wear a scarf. The names of the knots have been completely made-up by me, and most likely have actual names floating around out there somewhere.

So. Without further commentary on the matter, I give you...

9 Ways to Wear a Scarf: The Everyday Edition

1. The Amelia Earhart Wrap the scarf once around your neck and let the ends hang loose. That's it. 
2. The Celeb-at-LAX Haphazardly wrap the thing around your neck and tuck the ends loosely under. So. Easy. 
3. The Ravel's Bolero Drape the scarf like you're wearing it as a shawl, then take the ends under your arms and tie behind your back. 
4. The Chicken or Fish? Instead of starting by draping the scarf around the back of your neck, drape it around the front. wrap both ends around so that they hanging down in front (see no. 1), and tie them in a knot. 
5. The Shawl Just what it sounds like. Just...you know...wear it. Put it on. 
6. The Litigious Fake Injury Claimant Roll scarf tightly, then coil it around your neck, tucking ends under. 
7. The Eye of the Needle Fold scarf in half so that it is double-thickness with both ends at one side and a loop is on the other. Drape it around your neck, then pull both ends through the loop. Adjust.
8. The Carrie Matheson Basically this is a No. 2 pulled-up over your head. Great for keeping warm if you get caught out in some weather. In a lighter weight scarf, this one is perfect for travelling in countries where you must cover your head and shoulders. 
9. The Artsy Fankle Begin as with The Eye of the Needle, but instead of bringing both ends through the loop, bring only one. Bring the remaining end over the top of the loop, and then down through it to create this nifty cross-hatch pattern.

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  1. Ravel's Bolero...Hah! Seriously pretty scarves.

  2. Love these, and the names too! I have only two or three knots set to memory, otherwise I have to look up sites like yours! xo

  3. I love the way scarves look but always feel like someone is trying to strangle me. But a slave to fashion, I wear them anyway. I love your ideas for ways to wear them. I have another one I love that you can do with a square scarf. Tie two ends together and then the other two together. Slip your arms through the openings and it fits like a kimono. So cute. Love your post! Cheryl

  4. Very nice and educative post. Thank you!

    You are funny, good funny.

  5. Me ha encantado tu selección de maneras de ponertelo... sobretodo la primera foto, hehehehe

  6. Scarves, tricky things until you discover their secrets or find someone clever like you to show us how.Thank you.

  7. Soooooooooooooooooooo cleverrrrrrrrrrr
    Thank you sooooooooooooooo much for sharing your style

  8. It's time to vote on Share in Style, dear friend.

  9. That first image is hilarious:)
    Now when you make me think about it I remember that it was a friend of mine who taught me how to wear and tie a scarf in different days. Guess I was clueless about youtube or magazine instructions back than:)

    Your list is actually quite extensive...and absolutely wonderful...you show us so many different styles!


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