Camel Hair Blazer

Some of the best clothes I own are the secondhand finds, and this Ralph Lauren Black Label camel hair blazer is very much in that category. I found it on eBay, and while it wasn't cheap, it was a great price; under $100 and nary a scratch on it. While I was puttering about on the internet, I found a more recent permutation of it online, and the price of nearly gave me a coronary. It's a really well made garment, and it fits perfectly; so soft and luxurious that it sort of defies explanation, but I'll try. It's kind of like the smooth feeling of a baby's bum crossed with that velvety part of a horse's nose, with a silk lining that feels This is such a luxurious and elegant piece, I felt that it just didn't need a whole lot of accessorising, as it can speak for itself just fine, thanks very much.

I've spent most of my adult life avoiding camel clothing, thinking it was a colour that I couldn't wear because it was so close to my skin colour, and that it would wash me out. Add to that everything you read about women with silver hair avoiding browns and beiges...well, I fell for it. I avoided camel, as much as I love the simple elegance of it. In retrospect, that was so stupid. Camel goes with just about everything, and while admittedly it is by no means the best shade for my skin tone, you can easily temper that by pairing it with black (as I have done here), burgundy, blue chambray, nautical stripes....the list goes on and on.

So basically I'm making up for lost time. I anticipate a lot of camel posts coming your way. Prepare yourselves.


  1. Stunning blazer. Perfect, timeless look you've put together here.

  2. such an amazing piece!, and love how you've paired it with jeans and a pretty bijouterie!, Fabulous!!

  3. You look great. And I've got those EXACT jeans, only about 6 inches shorter:). Love them. They look great on you.

    1. They are just the BEST Jeans, aren't they? LOVE them

    Thank you for joining Share-in-Style and Happy New Year, my friend


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