Earning Your Stripes

No. you're right. It's not really warm enough to wear this dress outside without a jacket. But I have an excuse. See that pile of logs in the background, just over my left shoulder? That's just the tip of the iceberg. I spent the morning dragging a bunch of felled wood down the hillside and deadlifting it over that big stone wall so that my logs-obsessed husband can have something to do with his new electric chainsaw.  Plus we needed it, it was there, and so was I. My dog helped, if helping means jumping up and grabbing the ends and trying to play tug while I am struggling down the hill trying not to lose my balance. We both had a nice little workout, and we earned the right to stand outside for a moment in the freezing cold. Or in his case, sleep in the middle of the bed.

Anyway, this dress.  I was in the US last week, so you know that can only mean one thing....thrifting. Yes, this dress was a thrift store find from my hometown. It's a Calvin Klein, and it fits so well it's actually a little creepy. It's perfect for more buttoned-down stuff like work things and conferences, and I am in love with the detailing that makes it just a wee bit special, like the multidirectional stripes on only one side, and the wee overlapping flap in front. This dress is also perfect for pairing with a pair of statement glasses. I love me some statement glasses. Funny how in the movies, a pair of statement glasses can render you virtually unrecognisable...like Clark Kent (don't be silly, Superman would never wear glasses), or the "dowdy" minor character in the movie who the leading man doesn't realise is beautiful until she takes off her glasses and shakes her hair out of the bun. You'll notice I have done neither of those things...because...I mean come on Hollywood, you don't need to spell it out every time, you know?

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  1. Hello,
    I've been stalking your blog for awhile as I enjoy your writing along with the pictures. It seems that the weather in Scotland and here in Vermont may be quite similar. Anyway, I like this look, especially the 'statement glasses'. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. We live in the mountains of Idaho and got a wood stove this year so my husband also had to buy a log splitter. I love to be outside and was helping like a good sport. Be careful though! I over did it and developed tendinitis and now can't lift anything for a while! Except a glass of wine. Love your dress! www.northwestmountainliving.com

  3. Fabulous CK dress - i have a similar in solid pale gray. You look wonderful - now get inside! : >

  4. Now that is a modern day woman...throwing a bunch of heavy logs over a wall and then dressing up all hottie tottie for photos : )


  5. Very smart, in so many ways. I'd have left the logs. You're always my hero, especially in that very cool dress.

  6. I really love your CK dress! It reminds me of a J.Crew one I have that is a navy pinstripe. I adore it and it's perfect for work!

  7. GREAT dress! What a find. I bet you feel a million bucks in that little number.


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