Jumper Dress Tunic Type Thingy


I didn't know what else to call this piece, so I just sort of strung a bunch of adjectives together. This is a thrifted merino wool jumper/dress form Limited that I picked up at the local Goodwill on my last trip back to the States. I'm not sure of the vintage of this piece, but I think maybe late 90s - early 2000s because it is a proper, respectably-crafted pure merino wool knit, and it has been quite some time since I have seen anything like that in your average mass market retailer. Seriously, don't get me started on the shocking nosedive in the quality of knitwear on the high street. We'll be here all day.

I like that this was just a little bit different. I know that this is meant to be a dress, but I liked the sort of long line, tunic vibe to it, and wanted to wear it a bit more of an unexpected way. Ideally I would have paired this with my pair of super distressed jeans, but they were in the wash. Because that is what kind of a blog this is. Sometimes, s**t's just in the wash. And yet, the republic still stands.

thrifted Limited merino wool dress, similar / Mango jeans / Dingo harness boots / black onyx earrings (old), similar

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  1. The Republic still stands, and you look fabulous. Great thrift find! o

  2. Awfully darn cute whatever-it-is. Then again, so are you. I love your hair.

  3. The tunic is really cute! And I love your hair too. I remember wools from the 80's as well, the quality was amazing!! Had a grey wool pencil skirt and a gray cashmere sweater. my favorite outfit! Sigh.

  4. It's November and you are still in short sleeves? I was wrapped up to my nose last week in NYC and I am sure it is colder over where you are!

    1. It's a different kind of cold over here. Very damp and windy, but not as bitter cold as you get in NY. We don't get much snow, if we get any at all. We are at the very edge of the Gulf Stream, so it is warmer here in winter than places like NYC and Minneapolis, but damper, so you feel it in your bones. We get the odd horrendous spell of weather, but it is not as consistently bitter cold as people think.

    2. That said, you wouldn't spend a lot of time outside in short sleeves. I'm one of those people who wears short sleeves year round. And no socks. I'm just weird that way.

  5. Hello Kristin! I love tunic over jeans/pants and boots, it's my go-to look (although these days it's woolen tunics ehehehe).
    Happy #bloggersharingstyle hun!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  6. I agree. Love that long tunic skinny jean look for every day wear. Great find!

  7. I love your jumper/dress (and your hair too...)

  8. Hello Kristin, I love your tunic and your hair. Greetings.

  9. Wonderful look indeed.
    Thank you sooooooooo much for #bloggersharingstyle with all of us

  10. oh yes, your dress looks fabulous as a tunic over jeans!!, and you look fabulous too!!
    lovely style!

  11. Sencillo pero personal, me ha gustado mucho. ¡Besos!

  12. Hello again dear Kristin, please don´t forget to vote tomorrow for your favourite look tomorrow ( Rosy and I are not included in the voting. This is all about you all)
    Tons of kisses


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