Ladylike Meets Tough: A Truce

This whole look sort of came about because I wanted to revisit these shoes. I found these All Saints sandals a few years ago for £5 on a sale rack, and I snapped them up. I have not worn them very much, not because I don't like them, but I've found them sort of difficult to style. They are sort of girly and tough at the same time, and have a bit of hurache look to them that I suppose I found sort of hard to reconcile with my current wardrobe. But I've hung on to them, because they are just so darn unique.

I think I've finally found the answer as to how to style these babies, and as usual, I was just trying way too hard. Instead of trying to style a perfect look to showcase the shoes, I just sort of put together something rather...well...normal-looking. It's a mix of feminine and tough, just like the shoes themselves. After all, none of us are just one thing, right? The top half of this look is a sort of retro-inspired gal who spends her time reading recipe books from 1956 and clutching her pearls when she thinks about Elvis shaking his pelvis on the Ed Sullivan show, while the bottom half arrived here on her motorcycle and wants to kick your ass, steal your wallet, and leave you bleeding in a back alley.

See? When you put it that way, these shoes become a whole lot more fun to wear. I suspect you'll be seeing more of them in the future. Roll on 1957.

All Saints sandals (old), similar / Gap jeans / Neiman Marcus cashmere cardigan (old), similar / glasses / Wallis camisole

Make it happen.


  1. Yes! you have to wear those sandals, they are the bomb. I like the look you put together to show them off. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday too, xo.

  2. I would wear this...I really like it. Except the sad, I can't wear heels and these are really cool!

  3. Love. The. Glasses. The sandals are pretty kickass too. :-)

  4. Adorable and very cool. Talbot's biker chick! :) I love these shoes. Reminds me of Pappagallo's, beautiful Italian sexy shoes from an era of true design and innovation. Beautiful shoes and love, love, love the look.

  5. Great look loving the camo pant with those heels!! Visiting from Visible Monday...

  6. Oh, I so love this look. You were a smart woman to snatch up and keep a hold of those little numbers. I personally think pairing them with the camo jeans was a perfect match.

  7. Wonderful and very tasteful chosen look. The sandals are gorgeous.. so sad the summer is over.

    have a nice week

  8. Love heels and jeans together. Have to tell you, I noticed those great buttons on your sweater. It's those details in the clothes we buy that make us want to keep them forever. Great style all around!

  9. I love the whole look, and you KNOW I am a fan of cat eye glasses! Love those. Those shoes are amazing. I love the color and detail, and think they would look perfect with the camo you have or dresses as well. THey look versatile. You look great
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess xx

  10. You did a cool job mixing them with other items not traditionally mixed. Looking lovely as always lady!
    Have you considered wearing these with a strongly textured pair of socks?

  11. I like your sandals. And I like your grey hair like the mine. Greetings.

  12. What a chic camo-inspired look!!! Come check out my feature review on Boden's brand new yoga/active wear this week at the blog and let me know what you think!!


  13. those shoes were a bargain! and they look amazing!
    love the military print pants!
    excellent styling!
    you're gorgeous<3


  14. Such an honour to have your unique style at Share-in-Style.
    Gorgeous ALWAYS.

  15. Those a great shoes! I think that design with the tie up straps over your instep is kind of having a come-back. I think they'd probably go with lots of different outfits from casual to fairly dressy.

  16. Me gusta mucho el outfit al completo :) ¡besos!

  17. Glad you hung onto these great heels! They are styled perfectly with the camo pants.


    P.S. Hope you will stop by Thursday and join TBT Fashion link up.

  18. You look great! I just found your blog today and I must say I really enjoy your style.


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