I've Got Crabs

I'll probably not be the first person to come home with crabs after a vacation, but I'll be one of those rare types that loves it and isn't trying to get rid of them.

Behold, the latest edition to my ever-growing tunic collection. I found this Gretchen Scott crab tunic in the sale at Sandpiper Clothiers when I was out wandering around the neighbourhood today. Those of you who have been around a while will already know how much I love a tunic. Add to that a likeness of an animal...well.

I've got crabs.

Gretchen Scott tunic / JAG jeans (old), similar / River Island sandals (old), similar


  1. You look very nice in that outfit. Your tunic fits perfectly and the crab print is so cute. Your jeans look like the Anthropologie AG Sateen jeans, which are perfect for tunic tops like these.
    Glad you had fun on vacation,

  2. Delightful! Will you be there through Christmas?


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