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This is what I wore this year for Christmas. While it's not a full-scale Tactical Christmas Jumper Assault, it's my version of a "festive sweater" look. Festive sweaters seem to be enjoying a second coming, which it fine with me, because I do like a well made fair isle sweater. I hasten to add however, that I do draw the line at things with Santa heads, actual bells (and whistles), pompons, tinsel, or for the love of God, anything that lights up. That said, all of the employees of Tesco this year wore tacky Christmas sweaters on the lead-up to Christmas, and it was hilarious. There is something quite droll about watching two guys having a super-serious discussion about the safest way to move a massive pallet of under-ripe mangoes while wearing Frosty the Snowman sweaters.

This is one of those looks that people tend to associate with life up here, as if we were living in one big L.L. Bean or Boden catalog or something. While there's no arguing the fact that woollens and tweed work well up here, this is not the gathering wood, walking the dog in the rain, picnicking on the moors, firewood gathering outfit of choice.  The reality of that outfit is far less glamorous than the heritage tweed that is usually pictured in the catalogs.

See what I mean? Not nearly as camera-ready.

Really, this fair isle and tartan woollens look is one that I don't often wear all at once. I'll wear the sweater with jeans or the skirt with a black leather jacket; overall I usually like a bit more edge. But every once in a while, the occasion suits. This year, I not only went for the look, I also made pies. Hey, if you're gonna do it, do it right and fully commit.

Ralph Lauren sweater (old), similar / Ann Taylor Loft skirt (old), similar / Timberland boots (old), similar

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  1. Very pretty combo. But DAMN woman, you wield a mean chainsaw!

  2. I really like your cozy, classic sweater - and I don't really mind things that light up, on *one* day per year : > Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday and happy new year! xo

  3. Great pictures, and I love the outfit - you made it look very sexy! Happy New Year! xxx

  4. This cozy combo is right up my ally so I'm loving everything about it. Although I would join you with wearing the sweater with jeans and the skirt with a leather jacket as well. Love the picture you conjured up in our heads with the business men in their ugly Christmas sweaters, thanks for the laugh.

  5. I love this outfit! and, you're gorgeous tan legs! Jealous!

  6. I like the way you combined the sweater and plaid skirt. I am still INTO plaid - hoping it doesn't trend out anytime soon.

    Your phrase "full-scale Tactical Christmas Jumper Assault MMLOL

    Popped by from Vis Monday.


  7. I love the whole outfit and the fact that you bake pies and cut wood! LOL A renaissance woman.


  8. I draw the line at tacky ugly Christmas sweaters, too. No can do. Your outfit is perfect for this cold time of year: Classic! The pie, though, is making my mouth water. Off to the grocery store . . . .

  9. I love the whole look, the skirt has many ways to style it, as you do wit hthe sweater, Both very pretty together. I have only a few plaid items in my closet, love the blue in the skirt.
    rom the link up,

    please stop by, jess xx


  10. There's something so authentic about this pairing ... Fair Isle sweaters just seem to go with plaids and sensible boots (these are really excellent ones!) Very mid-20th century upper-crust ... out after shooting birds, back to the manor house for an excellent and ancient single malt in front of the fire. Speaking of pie, oh yummmmm. Looks lovely and bet is was perfect. Smartie pants!
    Happy New Year, young lady!


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