Neon & A Wee White Bag

Greetings all, and welcome to this, the super bright sunlight, vacation edition of the blog. Yes, as you an see I'm still chillin' on vacation, squinting into the sun, trying my hardest to make the best of it (snort). Apparently yesterday Scotland had such a big storm that they had the biggest waves on the planet. On the planet. Sometimes, you just get get lucky.

Another lucky break...I found this vintage Coach cross-body bag on Ebay this week, and had it delivered to the holiday house. Isn't it cute? I have a bit of a thing for these vintage leather coach handbags. This is my second one (here is the first), and it's absolutely perfect for vacations and nights out where all you really want to take with you is a lipstick, a phone, and a credit card. That's twice lucky in one week by my calculations.

French Connection top / J. Crew skirt (old), similar / Enzo Angiolini sandals (old), similar


  1. I think I may covet that bag more than the Louis Vuitton bag. It's just perfect!

  2. Cute! I have a Coach crossbody that I love for travel. OMG, those waves in Scotland! And surfers! xo

  3. That bag is so cute! What a great find.

  4. You need bright Florida pink polish for those toes!

    1. I know! It's terrible, isn't it? I have the polish with me but just haven't taken the time!

  5. Ah sunshine, I vaguely remember that stuff... kind of warm, isn't it? I hope you're soaking up lots of Vitamin D to tide you over 'till late Spring when we get a bit of daylight back in the UK.


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