The Vacation Uniform

This is my latest vacation "uniform" for casual warm-weather holidays, and it also happens to be 100% thrifted. Okay, except for the shoes, so let's say 90% thrifted.

I used to always wear sundresses on holidays, as I felt that shorts were just too risky for getting caught-out feeling underdressed. I still feel that way if I'm travelling in some parts of Europe, but in recent years I have relaxed my own rules about shorts and given them a second chance.

None of these pieces are particularly expensive, but they have a nice, easy fit that is both comfortable and looks kind of slouchy-chic. The blouse is literally indestructible, and I find myself wearing this outfit again and again when I need something easy that I won't feel either over or underdressed in. Easy is good.

thrifted Merona (Target) blouse, similar / thrifted Ann Taylor Loft shorts, similar / H&M Sandals (last season), similar


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